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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puerto Vallarta

Well, it’s creeping up on the end of the week and I am back in the swing of things after my vacation to Mexico. It’s always hard to readjust to the normal schedule after being off for a week, but this time was a little harder than usual. I’m not sure if it was the hot sun, the sand and surf, or the sleeping in I miss the most. Or maybe it was the all you can eat, all you can drink at the resort…

Life is too short to not enjoy every vacation and every second away from responsibility or a job. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, but I love vacations even more! This trip was to the Pacific Coast of Mexico south of Cabo. Flying into Puerto Vallarta we then took a cab to Nuevo Vallarta and the Rui Vallarta all-inclusive resort. The hotel was immaculate and the amenities were lovely. Before checking in I had a drink in my hand and everyone was smiling, happy, and welcoming.

The first day was exploring the hotel, eating from the various restaurants on the premises, and sampling drinks from the 4-6 bars within close reach wherever you are. The beach was soft and the water was perfect for a stroll late that evening where I saw a sea turtle exploring the volleyball court.

The next day we slept in late and enjoyed the hotel once again after making plans to zipline and enjoy a city tour on Friday. Day three we made the trip to Puerto Vallarta, which is actually across a river and in another state (Jalisco) from where we stayed (Nayarit). Downtown was interesting and the dive shop was on the Boardwalk, the heart of the old city. An hour boat ride took us to the dive point.
Los Arcos

After a long day of diving we returned to the hotel and enjoyed one of the many wonderful shows the resort puts on nightly. My favorite was the Michael Jackson tribute night. Waking early for a second day of diving, we made the trip once more by cab to Puerto Vallarta. It was absolutely beautiful.

With reservations to the beach front, reservation-only, restaurant at 7 this evening, we grabbed a few Manta Ray and Marlin tacos and Pacifico Cervezas and stayed in the shade while making our way back to the hotel. Realization of the 90 degree heat and 100% humidity came at 10 pm as we fell asleep in El Noche Mexico show later in the evening. Sleeping hard and waking refreshed, we set out for an action packed day of jungle exploration. The zipline tour we purchased included a 4x4 truck ride, burro rides, tubing in the river, repelling and 13 ziplines up to 1000ft long!

All in all, I would go back in a heartbeat...  I recommend it highly, just go in the middle of the Alaskan winter.