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Saturday, February 16, 2013

...I Took the One Less Traveled By.

"The price of our vitality is the sum of all our fears." ~ David Whyte

If you could do anything, and I mean anything, what would you do for a "living"?

I thought about this last week after watching a video that has probably made it to your Facebook wall at some point. It basically says that we are all spinning our wheels in this rat race we call Modern America, the American Dream, etc... Nothing new there, of course, but what caught my attention was the vehicle in which this drama perpetuates itself: our children.

As an educator I fear that I have lied to numerous students about the character of Woodrow Wilson, denied them the truth of the Civil War, and exaggerated the importance of the dropping nuclear bombs at the end of WWII. Shame rolls over me as I learn new facts from first hand resources and an overwhelming urge to burn the propaganda generally referred to as history textbooks of the last 40 years.  I fear the thought of reentering a classroom. I fear my day of judgement the the summary of all that I have taught and believed. Yet I relish the chance to get in front of students and teachers alike.

I realize now that teaching is one of the hardest things a person could ever do. Standing in front of adults is tough, don't get me wrong. Been there, done that (do that). But the responsibility of carrying on the traditions and values of a society is something beyond profound. Will I maintain the status quo? Will I do something different from everyone else with their life and that of their family?

I guess I can't answer these questions just yet, but I will continue the quest. I want the Truth. Capital T, as in His Truth... I will find my center. I will do great things. I will be different. In the foreseeable future I will continue to be an agent of change for the Lower Yukon School District. "Two roads" will soon "diverge" and I hope that I will make the right decision. I'll keep you all posted on contracts for the next year, but until then I am 100% on board and ready for anything!

Living in western Alaska affords one a great deal of time to think. Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the mind of Bush Sam.