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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl

Technically, it's Super Bowl Sunday. I just realized this in a meaningful way... I knew it was coming. I knew Mountain Village friends were planning a party. I knew it would be a rematch of the heart-wrenching game I saw in Togiak where the famous helmet catch changed the course of the game. But for some reason I just don't care. There have been times in my life where the Big Game was less important than others; I mean I can't even remember half of them! There were a few Super Sundays I went to church and stayed late just to prove my devotion (to myself and peers) in spite of the value the world has placed on these precious hours. 
This day is different. This day all I can think about is being out on my snowgo. I want a moose so badly I can taste it. I need a moose so badly my wallet can taste it! So what does that say? I suppose I should be out and about tomorrow... I suppose this means my values are aligning with that of the lifestyle I have chosen. I like the sound of that. 
Wish me luck.