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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Community Spirit

Hard work is something I am well accustomed to. I have grew up on chores, construction jobs, and working days in restaurants and nights tending bar. As the educational technology coordinator in the Lower Yukon School District, I bring that same drive and determination. The last few Saturdays I have been working at different sites to facilitate professional development. What an amazing bunch of educators I work with! Voluntarily giving up the most beautiful Saturdays western Alaska has blessed us with in months to learn more about their craft and continue their own personal learning experience. Truly an amazing group.
While visiting these teachers and spending a few nights at various villages I realized how much I miss the community spirit that comes with living and working in small rural villages. I miss the kids and the tournaments. I miss the birthday parties and gatherings of all kinds. Luckily, I got back from Nunam Iqua, Alakanuk, and Kotlik Saturday just in time to catch some Eskimo dancing!
Mountain Village invited Kotlik, Chevak, St. Mary's, and Hooper Bay to dance and fellowship. The purpose was to encourage village youth to be more responsible and respectful, while paying closer attention to their mental and physical health. I thought the event went well and pray it has made a lasting impact on my community (even though the pop cans and candy rappers left behind was alarming!). 

Grab your dance fans, I say, and get out there!