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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sprinter Fever

Welcome to March-April in Alaska, or as I refer to it: 

Okay, okay, so it's not a word (for a season anyway), but in Alaska it should be! We have a glorious summer, a funky cold Fall, Winter, and Spring with negative temps and 10 inches of snow! This is what I am calling Spring-Winter or Spr-inter. It's driving me nuts already! I am so excited by the sun and gorgeous days. Sun up at 7:30am and sundown around 9:00pm it is difficult to stay inside for work and even tougher on the weekends!

I am glad to see the signs of spring though, even though it sprinter is a menace when you freeze your tail off playing outside. Spring also means that school is wrapping up, which is always a surprise no matter how well you plan for it. Working in the Bush provides so many wonderful opportunities to get out and play like last weekend's manaqing trip:

I am thrilled at the possibilities for next year and look forward to another school year!

A quick reflection on the last school year leaves my head spinning.
  • Not counting “weather days” I have estimated 87 days at sites. This means 87 days spent in classrooms working with teachers and students around the district. 
  • Hoping to better serve the schools by making myself available to staff first thing in the morning, I have travelled an estimated 30 evenings. These evenings are always outside of  contractual obligations, and many times on Sundays. 
  • Not one to travel to and from a single site, the afore mentioned stats mean that I have spent the night in a school 60-70 times this year. (Many times I have been welcomed in the homes of staff in their guest rooms)
  • I am so appreciative of everyone who has cooked me dinner, welcomed me to a guest room, and generally entertained me while on the road.

This summer will be nothing short of spectacular I think. My sister is getting married so I will be heading to Louisiana for a bit in July. It won't be too long before I am back, too, as she just informed me that she and her to-be-husband are expecting a new baby! So excited I don't even know what to say! My father and step-mother are planning a trip to come visit Alaska in July as well, so I have a lot to look forward to...