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Thursday, March 22, 2012

When coworkers are friends...

I love to visit the other sites in the Lower Yukon for various reasons, and each has its own special significance. I understand now how many wonderful people LYSD has been fortunate enough to hire over the years now. 
I am currently staying on the couch of a Russian Mission staff member and reflecting on the wonderful day I have had. After arriving last night I was treated to Mongolian BBQ and great conversation, not to mention the company of a certain wily second grader. Today was a fantastic day of teaching and learning as I joined an elementary class and two high school classes for all sorts of fun. To see a school function so smoothly and a staff to be so supportive and friendly with one another is so very refreshing. 
As the day wound down I ran a distance delivered class for teachers around the district and then joined in teacher conferences upstairs. I forget how great it feels to talk to parents and share struggles and victories with team members and the community. Feeling invigorated by the day I brainstormed new ways to get back in the classroom and work more closely with young people... 

Working up quite the appetite I was treated to three homemade pizzas by the Master of the Russian Pie. Jealous? You should be! This guy knows his stuff. Whether you are talking about hunting, fishing, camping, or pizza, you found the expert right here. 

I can honestly say that the people I work with are friends. They are wonderful individuals with so many great qualities and rich personalities. I love them all and proudly brag about how fortunate I am to call them friends.  Life is good when coworkers are friends.