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Friday, May 25, 2012

End of May

The river is open and the temperatures are perfect. This time of year the tundra is teeming with life and blossoming all around you. The extended hours of daylight combined with the vibrant colors take your breath away and make insomnia a pleasant experience.  Summertime in the Bush is “funtime.”

 Evening rides on the four-wheeler bring postcard-like views, flights of geese, swan and ducks overhead, and the occasional large animal to ogle over. Always bring your camera and your gun, though, because there will probably be something to “shoot.” Finding beauty in Mother Nature is what life on Earth is all about, and I am certainly always looking.

Last night, instead of TV or video games, I gathered logs from the river. The big trees are felled during the titanic chaos of ice churning down from the interior to the Bering Sea. Tying off to the boat, we drug logs three feet around to the banks to cut the roots free. Once cleaned, we lashed five together and towed them to the village. Using two ATVs we then pulled them up the hill to the home of my friend for the winter ahead. Always work to be done in the Bush… whether or not you choose to do it…