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Monday, May 14, 2012

Grocery Getter - 5.8.2012

A guy has got to get around right?! 

I thought a lot about the purchase of an ATV over the winter and decided that if I could get rid of my snow machine I would go out on a limb and buy a 4-wheeler. Well thanks to a good friend in the village, I sold the snow machine. With the spare cash I can now buy a brand new Honda Foreman 550.

At one time I owned a 350 Rancher and a 500 Foreman. I can honestly say that they are my favorite toys I ever owned. Sorry motorcycles and Playstations, these babies are 100% fun and adrenaline. In Togiak I rode to the creeks and river nearby, on trails hunting rabbits, and around town. I used them in the winter with mud tires for the snow, in the summer with creek water up the tail pipes, and in the fall and spring looking for game on the hill top trails. 

The ride back from St Mary's was wonderful and I have to say the power steering is a luxury I can get used to. With a 3 gallon tank, I am guessing I'll get around 60 miles per gallon. Now to put it to good use. Lookout bears, I'll be on the trails soon.