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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I’m Sick of You… We’re Breaking Up!

The mighty Yukon River, starting in Canada and making its way down through Alaska, is a sight to be seen during the winter. It’s a frozen highway for travel up ad down to neighboring villages, the smoothest means of access for hunting and fishing, and a beautiful landmark 7 months a year. When it breaks, though, It is truly a sight to be seen. Every villager knows how powerful the river is when you seen it toss 6 foot thick chunks of ice 40 feet in the air as it piles berg upon berg.
(May 20, 2012)

(May 20, 2012)

(May 20, 2012)

With no movie theater, sporting events, hangouts, or (now) school to visit, this is the premiere event and the talk of the town for the next week or two.

Many are excited to see evidence of spring. Others are excited to get in the water with boats and outboards. I am thrilled because flowing water means salmon are coming! I cannot wait to fill my freezer, dry strips, smoke fillets, and jar what I can.

With out access to the river through a boat I have been making due, though. I bought a four-wheeler recently and have been riding as much as possible lately. This past weekend, two friends joined me far a 30 mile ride in the hills looking for a campsite on the creeks and small river north east of town. We couldn’t quite make it out to the river due to yet melted snowdrifts, but it was thrilling nonetheless. The weather was perfect for riding and the sky was blue.

I really wanted to see a bear. I hoped to fill a Grizzly tag and the four black bear limit in the region, but no luck. We did stumble on a hotbed of rabbits out in a far off valley seldom hunted. I shot five rabbits and our group caught ten total. Last night I cooked up four in a stew of potatoes, carrots, and peppers. Absolutely delicious… This is spring, and I can taste summer coming already.