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Monday, February 24, 2014

Who is Bush Sam?

I have a few blogs I write regularly (and some rarely). My personal one is called "BushSam" and it talks about my life in Bush Alaska. Though I started writing this blog in 2011, I have been BushSam since 2006. Since moving to Alaska I have read every Alaskan story, novel, and history book I can get my hands on, learning, synthesizing, and laughing all the while.

Another trait of BushSam is a lack of interest in wearing anything but fur hats and Carhartts. Burly, rugged, and fine with not showering for a week when the water goes out in Mountain... this is BushSam. 

I love living off the road system sometimes... I hunt, fish, and explore God's Grocery Store. We support each other out here like family. I spend every evening and almost all day, everyday, with wonderful friends. We're silly but it keeps us sane. I thought I would share some fun pictures as I convert myself to CitySam. 

With little entertainment opportunities beyond visiting friends, watching TV, and video games, I find amusements in the little things... Like shaving my beard in weird shapes and styles.

I've worked in several schools over the years, each with their own fun hair cutting and beard shaving contests... Why not join the fun?

Clean shaven and ready for a trip to Anchorage... See you soon!