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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Was Born A Travelling Man

I was reflecting on the idea that travel is a big part of my life for a reason. It is enlightening, empowering and, dare I say, emancipating... While staring at the stars hoping for the aurora borealis a few nights ago I pondered the idea of my freedom from the slavery of the mundane. I choose to live differently. I choose to live without rules. I work hard and play hard. I own my destiny.

"Why is this so?" I thought. Is it because I've read Fight Club or other Chuck Palahniuk books too many times? Or maybe it's because I took the Matrix too seriously. It could just be the bizarre alchemy of my parent's chromosomes surfacing in the personality my adulthood. But I think it's because I have flown or driven to so many places. I have met people from a multitude of cultures and learned more from them than I would ever have imagined. The beauty of this statement is that the more I travel and the more I learn, the more I want to see and the more I realize I don't know!

Rolling into another Alaskan February I often fantasize about warm beaches; sometimes Thailand, sometimes Jamaica. With Alaska Air I can get to Puerto Vallarta for only 35,000 miles! "What am I doing at my desk at 12:09 on a school night, then?" you ask. I honestly don't know.

Well, to put a bow on this dribbling mumbo-jumbo I thought about the concept of travel to most people: travel equals vacation. The problem here is that vacation does not always equal travel. I think we should all travel more. If you can get paid to do it, like me, more power to you! I've been to about 65 towns and villages just in Alaska... and got paid to do it! What do I want to do for my vacations? You guessed it: TRAVEL! I work to travel. I work to take vacations. I take vacations to travel. You get the picture.

So... where have you been? Or better yet, where are you going?