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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weekend Wonderland

This past weekend (the fourth without water in my home) was in need of some serious R&R... Solution: a trip down the frozen Yukon River to the village of Alakanuk. AUK is populated by about 650 Yupik Eskimos and is located about 8 miles southwest of Emmonak. Though a warm day, and a promising hour and a half snow machine ride on paper, the 35mph winds proved to be more daunting than expected. 
Not wanting to end up in a "Mistake Village" or get lost going the "wrong way" (which is the English translation of Alakanuk), my companion and I turned back. Not wanting to waste the day completely we buzzed all around the hills and valleys surrounding Mountain Village. After stopping for coffee and a bite to eat, we headed out in search of hare and foxes once again with a third friend. 

The rest of the day was lovely, and uneventful. I even managed to bag a ptarmigan while enjoying the relative warmth. If it wasn't for the price of gas I think Sunday might have been more of the same... combined with the continued theft of my gasoline, the $7.50/gal price point prohibits this Bush educator from too much joy riding.