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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Striver Fitness

Well, once again I must say I never thought I would be so busy living in a rural Alaskan village… Wonderful friends and stimulation from numerous electronic sources surround me constantly! I thought the Bush would be an opportunity to go “off the grid” and find a quiet peace I haven’t felt since leaving Togiak 2 years ago. I am not complaining mind you. It is just that I never thought I would have to balance a social, work, and personal life here. I fully expected to work long hours and enjoy books and nature on my off time. Friends are a blessing, though, and I will cherish them.

Friends will certainly be had as I am now the central location for all the weights in Mountain Village. We have jokingly labeled my spare room Striver Fitness after the local school’s mascot. I am thrilled at the opportunity to continue weight training in this remote winter wonderland devoid of saunas, Planet Fitness, and manicured ski resorts.

This week I have decided to cut time out for myself. Maybe an hour a week to read the Word will start the process. Then I would like to expand to a half hour a night in fiction or biographies. I love to read. I miss it. I think I should also reserve a night to being home alone. Sunday should suffice.
Next order of business: Maqii… (That’s Yup’ik for “steam house” ~ Misspelled I am certain)

I love it here.