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Friday, January 6, 2012

Week One

Well, I have officially moved back to the bush... I arrived in St.Mary's on Wednesday after a 2 hour delay in Anchorage to find it was too cold to fly Cessna 207's! This means everyone shared the slightly larger Caravans on this particularly beautiful day. It also means I sat in St.Mary's for almost 4 hours. Russian Mission was -41F with no wind and my new home wasn't far behind...

We did finally get in though, and I was so glad to hop in the truck with my new friend Chris... I had broken the cardinal rule of bush travel in January and had no snowpants... All's well that ends well, though right.

Home sweet home was interesting, of course: there was no water in the village, and even the superintendent hadn't had it since December 23! Not that it mattered, of course, I was ready for anything. It was like Christmas all over again as I picked up all of my packages and totes I had mailed a month earlier. I was so excited!! I had canned goods, kitchen ware, and linens... almost everything.

Thursday was my first day with Lower Yukon School District and it was everything I hoped for. The staff was kind and welcoming, the facilities are warm and accommodating, and the learning curve is just the way I like it: straight up! With far too many entertaining and interesting events to describe here, I challenge friends and family to ask me about my official hiring in the RSB (Regional School Board meeting).... very funny...

At any rate I survived and thought a trip to the local A/C Value Center (interesting, yet ironic, name for the local store) was in order. Besides a lovely expansion of the "Costco aisle," I also found an old acquaintance from Togiak! What are the odds of a manager and his wife from Togiak transferring to Mountain Village, huh!? Anyway, I dropped $75 on animal crackers, cranberry juice, milk, and raisin bran and got the heck out of there!

Okay, I hope your week was as good as mine was, and I hope the next is even better! Time to enjoy a book or two... and some silence.