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Friday, January 27, 2012

"The Commute"

Perhaps it is too soon to revisit the topic of "the commute" but I am in Hooper Bay for the weekend and had the pleasure of riding in a sled pulled by snow machine not once, but twice, now. This was the first time in a long time, mind you, so it was a bit of a landmark. I really wanted to stretch my legs after the plane ride over from Mountain and the frosty breeze was just what I needed to refresh my soul and renew my spirit. I love my commute. 

I am so happy I love my job... I can honestly say it is fun. I mean yeah, I don't have water in my home. Yeah, I don't have a bathtub and it smells like mold in my bathroom. So maybe I have a few more chores than the average educator in America. But I am surrounded by the most amazing views, the kindest people, and a life or fulfillment many will never know. I make a difference and I perform a service in dire need. 

This is my job. This is my commute.