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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Louisianaisms (Part Three)

Swamp Fishing

With the recent popularity of Swamp Loggers, Swamp People, and the dozens of other shows filmed in Louisiana filling your television line up everyone back home in Alaska wants to hear about "Louisianaisms." My favorite questions are about the swamp and especially alligators. 
This passed Friday (following Independence Day) we decided to do some fishing south of Lake Charles almost to the Gulf Coast. We wanted to get our fill of sweet delicious blue crabs and gar fish. Bait fishing the night before, we went down passed Hackberry, La with chicken for the crabs and tiny fish for the gars. The idea was to use a net and lure in crabs with the chicken legs tied to strings dangling in the water. The crabs grab the chicken and pull, then we gently coax them to the bank and scoop them up. The gar fish were a bit more interested in the bait fish. 
Gar is a prehistoric beast with scales tougher than a filet knife (Jeff skinned it with metal sheers and a hack saw) and a mouth like an alligator. Hence the name: alligator gar. 

Anyway enjoy the video!