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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Louisianaisms (Part Two)

The Muffellatta 

If you have never heard of the sandwich, you are missing out, to say the least. Best sandwich in America? Heck yeah

Anyway, I thought I would dedicate this post to the wonder that is a 3-5 meat Italian dream topped in spicy olive dressing. If you want the best in the world you better come to Louisiana. Many, including myself, believe New Orleans, LA (NOLA for short) to be the epicenter of the sandwich. To save you the trouble, time, and money I thought I'd break it down for you here. 

Step One: come to NOLA and stay in the Quarter. 
Step Two: get a large extra shot daiquiri from the plethora available on Bourbon, Decatur, or basically EVERYWHERE in NOLA. 
Step Three: Visit the Central Grocer on Decatur across from the French Market. Ask for the muffellatta and split it with a close friend or two... yes it is that big. They're closed on Monday's, so be sure to schedule your trip accordingly. ;-)

Now to the difficult task of rating the other sammies in the area.

Contestant #1 - The Camellia 
Not a terrible snadwich, but definitely not a true muff. Made with corned beef and heavy on the olive oil, this guy will fill you up, but you may need to schedule some recovery time afterward at the hotel. 

Contestant #2 - Cafe Maspero
Great sandwich overall, and a heck of a value. With fries this plate will take care of any grumble and tune you up for a long night in the Big Easy. I don't use the lettuce, tomato, or pickle on the plate, but knock yourself out. 

Contestant #3 - Frank's 
A classic New Orleanian spot, Frank's is a great location across from the French Market on Decatur. I suggest you eat upstairs on the balcony with a ice cold beverage of your choosing. Great view, great sandwich, and heck of a deal. I suggest you get the half...

Now for the bad news. I am a sandwich lover like no other, dare I say connoisseur. My favorite sammie isn't in the Quarter, though. It's not even in New Orleans. It's in Baton Rouge at the family owned and operated Anthony's Deli in Baton Rouge, LA. Mad props to the best in the state (WORLD). 

What are you waiting for? Get down here and try one of the best tastes of Louisiana... you won't regret it.