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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Giving Thanks

Always one to make the best of every situation, I recently planned a medical trip to Houston from good old Alaska. Understanding that surgery would require a brief period of inactivity and probably needing some help while recuperating. Deciding on the days before the Thanksgiving holiday, I made the 14 hour treck down to the warm and sunny Houston, TX the Saturday prior to the holiday. 
Arrival was a treat in the 75 degree temperatures and flip flops were so freeing! My wonderful father met me at the airport and insisted I borrow his car for the week I would be in the region. Catching up on some father-son time, we eventually made it to his south Houston home and met with my kind and welcoming step mother. 
My Dad passed on genes of wonderlust, courage, and a healthy love of toys. Translation, we took the bikes out for a spin. My dad loves his Spyder, and I can see why. It is totally decked out and I think it has everything except a seatbelt and air conditioning! I prefer the Moto Guzzi, myself...

Meeting up with my mother, sisters, brother-in-law, grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins in Louisiana I enjoyed the home cooking I missed oh so much. Granny and her girls made us a feast of turkey and fixings along with the devil's deserts (adding about five pounds to my waist). Football, family and fun is my idea of a good time, even if I was laid up on the couch or forced to sit the whole time.

After a week in the presence of my loving family it was hard to say goodbye. I am a blessed man.