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Sunday, December 16, 2012

No Mountains in Mountain Village

Hoping for a chance to play in the snow and enjoy the few hours of daylight we get here in the far north, I sent out my snowboard and boots to my second home in Mountain Village. With a name like Mountain Village one would think that with a little snow it shape up to be paradise for a fan of winter sports. 

Unfortunately Mountain Village is home only to a small hill we affectionately refer to as Cupcake. Hoping to make the best of it I tried getting a lift up the hill on a friends four-wheeler. Only making it part of the way up, I decided to board down with a headlamp in the dark. Riding through the trail was tough but fun, but eventually I made it to the road. Picking up some serious speed at the road I flew down until it was simply too dangerous to continue. Too dangerous to maneuver  but not too dangerous to hold on to a four-wheeler and ride back to the house on the slick ice!

This morning I woke up hoping to better the previous evenings adventure and find some hills to carve. After a few hours I gave up, but not before trying towing, riding backwards on a snowgo, balancing on the front ski, board attached to my feet, and hopping from berm to berm like a jack... rabbit. 

Here is a cute video if you are interested: