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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maybe I Don't Want To Know...

I don't do "resolutions" normally, never have really. This year I hit the ground in Mountain Village with a burning desire to be organized and more prepared than ever before. For example, I decided to keep track of all returns from technology vendors so I know when and where replacement parts for all ten sites are at all times.

I am also focusing on keeping better records of my travel. In the 2012 calendar year I actually made MVP with Alaska Airlines, but I only enjoyed it for 9 days! This year I am keeping a spreadsheet of all of my chartered flights around the district. All things the same, it should put me over the top in the fall time and ripe for MVP access during the holidays. Bring on the short lines and free upgrades! 

I digress, there are some things I have decided to keep track of that are less important than RMA's and less exciting than MVP... like the frequency of running water in my Mountain Village home. I started a Google calendar to keep track of the days the village was without water and the days which my water was frozen do to a lack of proper insulation and heat trace. So far it is 22 days in a row... maybe I should quit counting.