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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Week of School Antics

This time of year is always one in which we find ourselves stressed out and aching to cut loose. I have not had the time to hunt birds yet this year but I have dusted off the guns. 

Checking in computers and sorting through paperwork is tough this time of year. To make matters worse, it seems like there is never enough time to ask all the questions and get all the help you need before summer break. The next theing you know, everyone is gone for vacation and you are alone in the office. It is not without it's benefits  though. Time spent with good friends is so much more fun without the distractions of the normal routine. Teachers out on break are able to stay out late and have fun. There is no more tutoring, prom, graduation, or any of the other dozen or so items on their final week's agenda. 

We took advantage of the lull in responsibilities to make s'mores and shoot stuff around a bonfire this past weekend. Time to bond with new colleagues and old is always time well spent. 

What can I say, we like to have fun in Mountain Village.