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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Assirtuq, Quyana!

I am a positive person. I haven't always been, but I decided some years ago to just be happy. It really is a choice. Life is exciting and unexpected. It's a journey, even adventure at times. So often I forget to be happy and then I remind myself I am warm, well fed (even chubby), and able to follow my dreams. I love my life and cherish the small things on this day.
I am so thankful for water, which I have had for a solid three weeks! I am so blessed with great friends. We share meals, stories, and laughter daily. I give freely and accept their love and prayer wholeheartedly. They don't know it, but I get the better end of the deal...

I live in a magical paradise of wilderness beauty with flora and fauna unlike anywhere else on the planet.  The community of Mountain Village is generally welcoming, the church is spirit filled, and the Yup'ik cultural activities are truly special. Here is a taste of the weekend's gatherings:

Starting on Friday night, there were visitors from Chevak, Mountain, Alakanuk, and Scammon Bay. 

I left around 1:30 am, but I understand it went on until close to 3 am.