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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Almost May

Well, it's certainly spring... I went out for a look around across the river this weekend and was absolutely surprised by the melting of snow! There was hardly any powder left to ride on and the trail, hard packed as it was, was a less than comfortable ride. Bouncing across the tundra was interesting to say the least, and the patches of old dirty snow were a welcome sight.

Open water was common and the marshy open country made me fear slowing for fear of swamping my snow machine. I guess I've seen one too many YouTube videos, but the thought of dropping $3500 in a creek out in the middle of nowhere scares the crap out of me!

Why go out in this weather you ask? For bear, of course! I ordered a Brown bear tag, which is required to  hunt in the state and keep the hide, and it came in the day I left to hunt. Serendipitous, yes, but not indicative of a successful hunt. I found a den and lots of tracks, but nothing moving. I will admit that was more than a little on edge waiting outside a den with smoke billowing out, awaiting the appearance of the regions most fearsome predator, gun in hand...

All in all I had a great time and hopefully I will have one more chance this week. Next time I hope to at least bring home a swan a goose or several of either. Yes, sir, spring is here.