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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Rarely are Fridays as relaxing as this one, fresh, crisp, and clear too! It is a majestic day today, and I hope for a magnificent weekend to match it. With Spring teasing us all in Western Alaska the village is truly on edge. Testing (most of it, anyway) will be over soon, and the downhill rush toward May will be on us before we know it.

I have been out hunting and enjoying the scenery lately and I could certainly tolerate a bit warmer temperatures. The warmer it is the sooner the bears wake up, too, and I cannot wait to bag a black bear. It would be my first and I am anxious to try the meat. I've been studying the bet skinning techniques for both black and brown bear mounting as well. I think I would like a rug of each. I've never been one for trophies, but heck it's not like I'm not eating them, too.

I ordered a new scope for my .22 LR when I realized I stink at ptarmigan hunting with the 12 gauge. I used to be pretty good, but I suppose it's time to hang it up. I think I should go ahead and get a new bear gun (.464 handgun, perhaps) as well. Ah Spring, so many possibilities, so many toys to play with.

I have been daydreaming a lot lately, Spring Fever I suppose. I want to ride my bike around Anchorage, through the Coastal Trail and Kincaid Park, through Campbell Creek, and maybe even out in the valley. I want to fish in Soldotna with Dan, hike McHugh and Flattop with friends, and drive to Whittier for the heck of it! Chena has been calling my name, too! So much to do and see, so many adventures to be had. I haven't rafted in Hope in a few years or taken a cruise in a while, either... Okay, okay, time to stop.
The point is: Spring in Alaska is nothing short of amazing. What will you be doing? Let me know and maybe we can do it together...