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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

It’s another beautiful, pleasant Sunday in Mountain Village and another weekend without water. It seems as though the universe, in it’s complex system of checks and balances, punishments and rewards, or karma has seen fit to “balance” my existence once again. This week I was gone from Monday through Friday with water at my home Tuesday through Saturday.
With my next trip scheduled to leave tomorrow I am thrilled that I at least had the foresight to do laundry. I wish I had been as industrious when it came to my kitchen. A trip down to the spring is always nice, I admit it, but I would really love, yes love, to wash my dishes like a normal person… But I should focus on the positive.
The past week’s travels took me to Nunam Iqua and the Sheldon Point School. The home of the foxes (or kaviaq), Nunam is a blustery and cold village on the coast west of Mountain Village and one of the smaller sites in the Lower Yukon School District.  I enjoy visiting this site for several reasons, but the biggest is the great team they have there. There are some truly interesting and wonderful people in Bush Alaska and several live in Nunam.
Wednesday afternoon I hopped a ride on a 207 to Alakanuk where I was greeted warmly (as always) and treated to a delish moose taco dinner. I simply cannot stress enough how wonderful the Lower Yukon team is! Meeting up with a few other friends for a chat and a snack I turned in for the night on a warm and comfortable bed. This was three nights in a row; mind you and something extremely out of the ordinary for a traveler such as myself. Indeed with home cooked meals and running water, it would appear that travelling is more comfortable than the home I leave in Mountain every Monday.
Thursday was spent working with students and teachers on various topics and technology tools and a generally enjoyable day. 

The night was fantastic, though. Riding over by snowgo, a convoy of teachers took the river down to Emmonak for some volleyball fun in a open mixed six tournament. We visited with teachers, mentors, family, friends and community and enjoyed some impressively competitive volleyball. Friday was much like Thursday, and then I made my way home.
Never a dull moment, I couldn’t simply fly to Mountain. Instead I buzzed over to Scammon and Hooper before arriving at my final destination. Mountain Village, Nunam Iqua, Alakanuk, Scammon Bay, Hooper Bay, Mountain Village: not bad for a weeks work. Happy Sunday.