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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Fever

Great day yesterday in the warm and sunny Hooper Bay, AK... I landed on Monday afternoon to begin a week on the coast, first in Hooper Bay, then in Scammon Bay. The site tech, a friend of mine I will be sad to see leave this year, gave me a lift and a welcoming to the school via snogo. After greetings to the principal and assistant principal and settling in I joined several teachers for dinner. I love the community here, I suspect because it reminds me of Togiak. The school is of the same style, layout, and feel of the Togiak School and the population is more similar to my former home than any other Lower Yukon village.

Spending the evening chatting about the possibilities afforded to my colleagues leaving LYSD, I realized how very blessed I am to live in Alaska. I love this state, I am drunk with excitement for the changing seasons, and I continually find new ways to enjoy my job. I don't know if I could live anywhere else. 

One thing that never gets old for me is taking a stroll out into the wilderness, even a short snogo ride can provide the most breathtaking vistas. I drove out Tuesday to the ocean and threw some snowballs at icebergs breaking away, melting quickly into the Bering Sea. So pristine, so vast, so clean. The birds will be here soon and already I hear the familiar call of gulls searching for herring. Before I know it there will be no snow and no night.

I can already feel the sun pulling me to "play out" until 11:00pm. Before long I will be back to 5-6 hours of sleep, jogging, biking, BEING outside. I love this land.